Sunday, May 25, 2014

(5) Sybil The Backpack Fairy Volume #2 "Amanite" by Michel Rodrigue and Manuela Razzi

Book Type: Graphic novel
Author(s): Michel Rodrigue and Manuela Razzi
Pages: 48


(5) Sybil The Backpack Fairy Volume #2 "Amanite" by Michel Rodrigue and Manuela RazziNina loves having her backpack fairy Sybil around! Nina is the only person who can see or hear Sybil and the two have formed a special bond. But when Sybil unexpectedly disappears, a new fairy named Amanite shows up to take her place. Amanite brings Nina to a magical underwater world, where Nina is magically transformed into a tiny mermaid! But then things go horribly wrong when sea monsters decide that Nina look mighty delicious! Where’s Sybil when Nina really needs her?

My Review:
I have to admit, I was slightly nervous when I saw that this book is a graphic novel. I have not had much luck finding a graphic novel that captured my interest, but my thoughts changed quickly with Sybil The Backpack Fairy! When I first began reading this, I was immediately captured into the fairy/monster world. I was also able to follow this easier than most graphic novels. I was also happy that although this is the second book in a series, I was able to understand what was happening. I also loved that this is a perfect example of a Young Adult book.
This book is great for kids facing rough times in high school, and covers topics like bullying, especially amongst young girls, and also finding that balance of making your parents proud and being yourself. Nina, the main character is around 12 years old, and I find her very relatable. She is a perfect example of the conflicts of emotions that young girls face. I also love her character design; she is absolutely beautiful as a mermaid! Overall, I thought this story was beautifully designed with the young adult in mind, and was filled with amazing underwater beings! I give this book (*****) 5 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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