Tuesday, May 27, 2014

(13) Mermaids in the Backyard by Catherine Hapka

Mermaids in the Backyard by Catherine Hapka
Book Type: Children's Literature
Author: Catherine Hapka
Pages: 112

Lindy doesn't want to move to the bug house. That's what she calls her family's new beachfront house on stilts. She misses her best friend and her life back in Chicago. But her feelings change during a storm when Lindy hears a cry for help
 . . . from a mermaid! Are there really mermaids in Lindy's backyard? And if so, what can one clumsy girl do to help them?

My Review:
I would first like to state that this book is great for mer-children learning to read chapters. It features short chapters and large text, with the occasional black-and-white picture, but the book was not written in a juvenile way, so adults can enjoy it as well. What I loved about this book was the mermaids Coral and Sealily. They reminded me both of Ariel and her sisters, as well as the way me and my little cousins used to play and tease each other as children. This book almost reminds me of the stories I wrote as a young mergirl, and this put a smile on my face as I continued to read on. I also loved the little yellow seahorse, Finneus. he reminds me of a cat, and has a bit of independence for a little creature! One of the most funniest moments was when he spits water in Sealily's face for trying to make him do tricks, which actually made me laugh :) 
One character really annoyed me, a little boy named Matthew. He is such a brat and aggravated me just reading about him!  He reminds me of all the little bratty kids that run around beaches, looking to disrupt and bother ocean life, or the kids that take wild animals home as pets. Ugh! 
Most of all, this book deals with the uncomfortable issue of moving to another house in a completely new place while adjusting to a new lifestyle as well. I believe young mers who are moving soon should take a look at this book. I believe it will offer some comfort and show them how to be optimistic in troubling times. I loved this whimsical short book, and I would recommend it as a summer read! I give this book (*****) 5 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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