Monday, June 25, 2012

Seal Child by Sylvia Peck

Seal Child by Sylvia Peck
Book Type: Novel
Author: Sylvia Peck
Pages: 208

Molly and her family have always spent long, lazy summers on Ambrose Island. There, Molly can watch for glimpses of the great gray seals that haunt the Maine shore or spend hours walking along the beach with her dog Clyde. But this year her vacation promises to be even more fun when she meets a girl named Meara. Molly and Meara are the same age, yet there's something about her new friend that makes Molly wonder who she is and where she came from. Nothing can prepare her for the strange truth . . . or for the dramatic event that's about to change their lives and their friendship forever.

My Review:
Fantastic summers with the family, cold winters at the beach with mysterious seals; that is the essence of this book. I really enjoyed how sly the seals were in this book. The reader has a feeling that the seals around Ambrose Island are selkies, but it is not revealed until the outgoing and beautiful Meara arrives at Ruby's house one day. From there, the reader definitely picks up that something is odd about Meara. Unfortunately, it is not revealed that she is a selkie until later on in the book. The ending though, was my favorite part of the story. It was beautiful and bittersweet, but I will not reveal that to you guys! The only thing I did find bothersome about this book is the main character Molly. She can be quite bratty and obnoxious at times, and it was irritating to read her comments to people. But overall, this book was really sweet and I recommend it for people who love selkies. I give this book (****) 4 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie
PS: This is another version of the cover:
Seal Child by Sylvia Peck

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