Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Fish In Room 11 by Heather Dyer

The Fish In Room 11
Book Type: Children's Novel/ Children's literature
Author: Heather Dyer
Pages: 158

Everyone agrees-there's something fishy about the Flots!
Toby can't remember a time he didn't live at the hotel by the sea. Left there as a baby, he's grown up without a family of his own. So when he meets Eliza Flot down by the pier, he takes to her like a fish to water. When he gets to know her parents, that tips the scales even more. In fact, Toby practically joins the family. So what if they're mermaids? But when Toby's friendship with Eliza arouses suspicion,Toby decides to disguise the Flots as hotel guests. But disguising a family with fins and tails is tougher than Toby thinks!

My Review:
Although this book was an easy-to-read children's novel, I really enjoyed it and thought it was quite cute. In fact, I finished it in two days because I loved it so much! Heather Dyer really has brought a certain charm and whimsy to this story. I really liked that this book was not written in a juvenile style, yet it was not written so simply. I also enjoyed the characters, especially the Flots! They're so polite throughout the whole book, as well as outgoing and hilarious! Although I would not add this to my mermaid library since it wasn't as fishy or mermaid-y as I expected, I definitely enjoyed this, and I believe any adult will too. This is also a perfect book for a child who is just starting to read larger novels. I give this book (****) 4 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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