Monday, May 14, 2012

The Secret History of Mermaids by Ari Berk

The Secret History Of Mermaids by Ari BerkBook Type: Mermaid Information/ Encyclopedia
Author: Ari Berk
Pages: 48

Since ancient times, seafarers and coast-dwellers the world over have reported encounters with merpeople. Variously known as Finfolk, Dinny Mara, Nereids, Blue Men, and Merrymaids, merfolk have been the source of both gifts and disasters for humankind. Now a lavishly illustrated resource offers insight into the lives, origins, language, and magic of these elusive peoples. Like a siren’s song, this fascinating tome is sure to enthrall all who fall under its spell.

My Review: 
We all have to admit. Mermaids are creatures that are very elusive and secretive and rarely share the information on their society with humans!  Berk is so lucky that he was able to receive this information and now he is sharing what they told. The art in this book is quite amazing. If any of you mermaid lovers have read any Spiderwick books, the art is very similar to this. It is filled with beautiful sketches and paintings of the mermaids underwater world. It also includes a few other undersea creatures that will also fascinate you as well. This book also has a few pop ups and pull tabs that help you uncover the secrets of a mermaids life. I really think this book is a beautiful addition to anyone who loves mermaid literature, but to anyone who also loves undersea beings, or just loves fantasy. I give this book (*****) 5 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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