Thursday, May 31, 2012

Animal Planet: Mermaids The Body Found Review

Animal Planet's: Mermaids The Body Found mermaids swimming
Length: About One Hour
Channel: Animal Planet

Summary: This documentary details the events three scientists witnessed and they believe they found evidence, both physical and vocal, of mermaids. Throughout this documentary, the scientists explain the theory of how mermaids came to be, using CGI graphics (shown on the side) and reanactments.

My Review:
When I first heard this documentary was being released, I really thought, "Yes, I love mermaids more than anyone else, but how is this going to play out?" Well, I was quite shocked.  This wasn't a bunch of fantasy and magic like most mermaids are conceived of today. The film features possible theories and some facts that are used to back up certain explanations such as the aquatic ape theory. Another piece of evidence that was used was the "bloop" noise. There is a link posted below if you would like to listen, but the one featured in the film is fictional. Not only did this make me think about the possibilities because of the evidence, but it was also awe inspiring. The computer graphics in this were quite beautiful and really made me think that this is what mermaids must look like! Throughout this whole documentary, the viewer really questions, are we the only humanoid creatures out there? Would we be able to co-exist with creatures like merfolk? What really made me tear was towards the end of the film. Although we are not sure that a society exists like this beneath our waves, it was extraordinary to see how these merfolk exist and how they transformed. I hope they put this on DVD, because I absolutely loved it  and hope to add it to my mermaid collection. I  I really recommend that if you are interested in marine biology, strange underwater phenomena, mermaids or animals, you really want to check this out. I give this documentary (*****) 5 stars.
PS: If you would like to hear an example of a "bloop" here is a link:

For more on this breath taking special, visit this website:

Also, If you would like to keep any of the pictures featured in this documentary, I have posted some links below this post.
-Sirenita The Selkie


  1. I'm so happy to have found your blog... I am a huge mermaid fan and produce mermaid artwork, however , my daughter now tells me that they are anatomically incorrect after we saw that documentary....
    Hmmm..... I thought it was fascinating and produced well supported arguments for mermaids being real. (Although honestly, I believed anyway!!!!!) why shouldn't there be mermaids?
    I'm going to follow your blog

    1. Wow! Thank you so much :)
      And yes I totally agree with your daughter. If merpeople do exist, they wouldnt be pretty fairytales like we portray them to be. I really loved this documentary, and I loved that it was realistic with no magic involved.
      Thanks so much for your comment ;)
      -Ms. Mermaid