Sunday, May 26, 2013

I AM Against Captivity for Marine Mammals and Other Life

A HUGE injury caused by the stress of captivity
Hello mer-readers!
I know I havent really talked about my personal beliefs much on this blog, but its time I start. Only recently have I recognized what horrible conditions marine mammals, and other animals that are featured in zoos and aquariums, live in. It is absolutlely mind-blowing how big time corporations such as Sea World and Busch Gardens treat there animals, and how the obtain them! Please, do not pull the wool over your eyes and take a look at these links. They are very informative and show ways which you can help animals like the orca.

           -Features many petitions, videos and online discussions

         -Another great site that conistently posts information about what goes on behind stage at Sea    

      -Shows how many trainers have been injured, external links, and wild whale videos

4) The last link I want you to check out is a link for a book. This book astounded me. Unfortunately due to time restraints I could not finish the entire book, but I finished a majority of it and was horrified at what I saw. Here is the book:

Due to the many bacterial infections, along with stress,
Orcas have to have their teeth drilled, or sometimes they are
broken off from the concrete of their tank

I think we all remembered the incident with the trainer Dawn Brancheau and the whale named Tilikum, who has killed three trainers in the past. These animals are suffering mentally and physically, and they are beginning to lash out against the people who are supposed to keep them healthy. Please do your research, and most importantly, DO NOT VISIT ANY MARINE PARKS OR ZOOS! Instead, support local santuaries that either nurse animals back to health or take in abused animals. If I could get at least one person to investigate a bit for themselves, I would be grateful.
Thank you.
-Sirenita The Selkie
Freedom doesnt cost money to see! :)


  1. Although your argument is persuasive, it is not solely the trainer or the attractions fault as to why the Orcas decide to lose control. Yes, this is YEARS after the whole Dawn and Tilly incident, but... After ther first 2 deaths you would think they'd done something to prevent a third. An orca has the name Killer Whale for a reason. Next to a great white, they are very powerful and very lethal. But, to my knowledge, Tilly was born and raised in captivity. If you turn an animal loose into the wild from being in captivity, that animal will not last long. So, your comment is valid but yet it is invalid.

    1. Hello Eric!
      Thank you for your interest in mammal captivity.
      Sadly, Tilikum was NOT born in captivity. In fact, he was taken straight out of the ocean and forced to coexist with very hostile matriarch females. They would often abuse him or "put him into place" if you will. This, plus the fact that orcas never leave their mothers, physcologically damaged Tilikum. If you would like to know more on his story, please check out the book mentioned in this comment, or visit to learn more about Tilikum and other stories of whales in captivity.
      Thank you,
      Sirenita The Selkie