Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mermaids by Lucille Recht Penner

Mermaids by Lucille Recht Penner
Book Type: Mermaid Information/ Children's Literature
Author: Lucille Recht Penner
Pages: 48

For thousands of years, people have claimed to have spotted mermaids in the waves and on the rocks. Some were beautiful with long flowing hair and lovely voices. But other mermaids liked to drag people down to their watery homes and eat them! If you thought mermaids were just pretty ladies with scaly tails, think again. There is more to these mythical creatures than meets the eye!

My Review:
When I first picked this book up from my local library, I was intrigued. The cover image is very beautiful and makes you want to dive into the pages. However, I was slightly disappointed. Although there are images throughout this book are equally as beautiful as the cover, the information on the pages was nothing new to me, and the reader could find it any other mermaid book. I assume this is because it is meant for children to read. Some of the topics mentioned in this book are mermaids from around the world, both good and bad, as well as some of the hoax mermaids, such as the Feejee Mermaid (yes, that is how it is spelled). What I really do love about this book though is the variety of mermaid pictures which show what mermaids look like in different parts of the world. Overall, I give this book (***) 3 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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