Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mermaid Dance by Marjorie Hakala

Mermaid Dance by Marjorie Hakala
Book Type: Children's book
Author: Marjorie Hakala
Pages: 40

As the sun sets on the ocean, the sky turns pink, then purple, the spring becomes the summer, and a celebration begins. Mermaids arrive, ready to greet the new season by playing, feasting, and dancing in the high tide.
Mark Jones' pastel illustrations capture an enchanting and mysterious world sure to delight the imagination of all readers.

My Review:

There is pure magic within these pages. This book is primarily about a school or a pod of mermaids that is celebrating the summer solstice throughout the night. One of the things that I really love about this book is that it features mermaids from many cultures, and they are all combined and mixed into a sisterhood of mermaids, which I think is something important that young girls should learn; no matter what color skin you have, you can still be sisters. Another beautiful feature about this book is the artwork. As I have mentioned in previous posts, artwork in a children's book is very important. The colors are bright, vibrant and whimsical. Also, the mermaids in this book all have unique-looking tails that come in different colors and shapes. Some of the tails featured have a fan shape, which I thought was very beautiful and interesting. The storyline is a bit short, but it is not written in a juvenile style like most kids books, and I believe adults will enjoy this too. I give this book (*****) 5 stars.

-Sirenita The Selkie

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