Friday, January 17, 2014

Mermaids: Sirens Of The Sea by Kerry Colburn

Mermaids: Sirens Of The Sea by Kerry ColburnBook Type: Collection Of Classics
Author: Kerry Colburn
Pages: 128

Icons of the sea, pop culture seductresses, and mythical sirens: mermaids have been swimming in and out of our collective consciousness since the beginning of recorded time, and their images have graced folk-art pieces for centuries. Here's a gorgeous gift book about these legendary sea nymphs that gracefully combines full-color art -- including paintings, sculptures, and illustrations by Paul Gaugin and Gustav Klimt -- with literary quotations and lore that span more than 2,000 years. Text includes selections from Ovid, Shakespeare, Goethe, Melville, and Poe, plus "The Little Mermaid" and "The Legend of Undine."

                                                             My Review:
One of my favorites!
I first saw this book on when shopping for, what else? Mermaid books! This book is a huge collection of pretty much everything listed above in the summary. What I love mostly about this book is that there are a lot of mermaid poems, which is a personal favorite of mine. What I also love about this book is that under each picture or piece of art, the title is right there and you don't have to search for it. This collection is similar to another book that I have reviewed titled "Mermaids: An Anthology", which you can see here.  As mentioned above in the summary, classic stories such as, "The Little Mermaid" and "Undine" are also featured in this book, which are also two of my favorites! Mer-readers who love art, history and classical literature will love to add this book to their collection. Go check it out! I give this book (*****) 5 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie


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  2. Sirenita - sorry about removing my comment - don't know what I did! I have always loved the folklore and mythology surrounding the sea people. I really enjoyed Helen Dunmore's Ingo series. I also love The Little Mermaid (not the Disney version particularly) and the edition you have reviewed looks stunning. Later this year, I intend to publish a novel that has selkies at its heart. The book I am on the verge of publishing doesn't involve mermaids, though they do feature in another manuscript I will be reworking with a view to publishing next year. You can keep an eye out at if you are interested. I shall certainly look out for some of the books you have reviewed.

    1. Hello Miss Julia Lund! Great Comment! Currently, I am re-reading the Ingo series to post it here, so keep an eye out for that review ;) and yes, I also love the Little Mermaid, but I actually love the Disney version as well :) Wow! What great luck! I've written a couple of manuscripts but sadly, I dont know where to start as far as publishing :( Definitely reply back to me once they are published and I will gladly review them and post them here :)
      Best Fishes And Wishes!

    2. Hi Sirenita

      Well, it's been a bit of a long road, but my book, Selkie, is finally available as an ebook on Amazon. If you do ever get the time to read it, I hope you enjoy it. As for publishing your work, why not check Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). I can highly recommend it as a good place to start.

    3. Hi Julia!
      Im sorry for the late response! Ive been busy with offline matters for the whole month, but Im back!
      I would love to check it out for you :) Im currently doing a mermaid summer reading challenge that I host here on the blog, so I would love to include your book! Could you send me the link to the amazon adress?
      Thank you,