Monday, January 13, 2014

Mermaids: an Anthology : a Beautiful Illustrated Collection of Verse and Prose by Steve Dobell

Mermaids: an Anthology : a Beautiful Illustrated Collection of Verse and Prose by Steve DobellBook Type: Collection of Classics
Author: Steve Dobell
Pages: 64

This is a beautiful illustrated collection of verse and prose. It is a lavishly-illustrated and embellished collection, which contains songs of the sea, poems and myths of enchanting mermaids, who captivate sailors, artists and writers alike with their mystery and allure. It contains work from some of literature's greatest writers, including William Shakespeare, John Keats, Oscar Wilde and Alfred Lord Tennyson...This book brings together some of the greatest works of art to create a treasury of tales and illustrations in celebration of these seductive sea creatures. Beautifully designed, the book is a delight to give or to keep, and will be enjoyed by anyone who feels the powerful attraction of the mysteries of the oceans.

A Race With Mermaids and Tritons,
one of my favorite paintings featured in this book!
My Review:
Classic literature and art are sometimes lost with today's modern authors. I stumbled upon this book while splurging some Christmas gift money at a local Barnes and Noble. While digging amongst the shelves, I came across this beautiful little gem! I was not disappointed at all with my purchase! This book features some great poems from authors such as Shakespeare and John Keats, as well as Alfred Lord Tennyson, who have become some of my favorite classic literature authors after taking a college course on 18th century literature. In addition to the beautiful poems, short stories and sonnets in this collection, there is also a great amount of artwork that many mer-readers will enjoy. Anyone who loves classic literature, art and history will appreciate this book, and mer-readers, you must give it a try! I give this book (*****) 5 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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