Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Emily Windsnap And The Ship Of Lost Souls (Book #6 In Series) by Liz Kessler

Book Type: YA
Author: Liz Kessler
Pages: 288

A field trip to a mysterious island quickly turns into an adventure when Emily Windsnap and Aaron discover a secret lookout point from which they spot a ghostly ship that no one else seems to be able to see. The ship appears and disappears only at certain times of day—growing fainter each time. Searching for answers only leads to more questions until Emily and her friends confront the island’s keeper, uncovering the incredible story of a ship caught between land and sea, day and night . . . life and death. Only Emily, with her ability to transform from mermaid to human, can enter Atlantis to try to bring the ship’s passengers back before the portal is closed forever. Emily knows that if she fails, not only will the passengers never see their loved ones again, but Emily won’t be able to return either. Will she be able to resist the allure of Atlantis and return home before it’s too late? 

My Review:
I was really excited that Kessler decided to write another book for the Emily Windsnap series! It's been a favorite since I was a young mer-girl. It's sad to say that I was disappointed with this latest addition to the series. The beginning and middle of the plot fell flat for me; it was a little boring. However, Kessler's descriptive language made me feel as if I was with Emily exploring the mysterious island along with her.

Without giving too much away, I also loved how Kessler incorporated Atlantis, but at times it became very complicated and I had to keep flipping back and forth throughout the book to re-read the details. This Emily Windsnap book was okay, but I don't feel it was the most exciting book in the series. For more info on the series, visit my full review: Emily Windsnap Series Full Series Review

I give this book (***) 3 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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