Tuesday, May 26, 2015

(4) The Little Mermaid Paperback Series: Arista's New Boyfriend by M.J. Carr

Book Type: Novel
Author: M.J. Carr
Pages: 70

The mermaid princesses can't wait to arrive at the new summer palace - all except for Arista, that is. This is to be a summer of dinners, dances, and lots of aristocratic boys! But boys or no boys, summer without her favorite sea horses to ride is not Arista's idea of fun until she discovers the brand-new stables at the summer palace - and the stablehand, Dylan. Suddenly summer takes an exciting turn for the better! Spending time with Dylan is great, but Arista worries how King Triton will react to her new boyfriend. Will she have to keep Dylan a secret from her father forever?

My Review:
I'm so excited to be reviewing another paperback in The Little Mermaid series :)
I really liked that I was instantly able to connect to Arista, especially when she misses her pets. When I have gone on vacation, I too, have a hard time parting from my Cat-fish and my little goldfish. I also really liked how genuine and cute Dylan and Arista's relationship was, and that a princess fell for a stablehand. 

I got really annoyed when Ariel and her sisters constantly talked about boys. It was a little too much and made them seem like airheads! I also found the title of this book confusing. Although Arista and Dylan seem to secretly like each other, it was never announced that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.
This book was okay, but a bit boring. It wasn't the best Little Mermaid book I've read. 
I give this book (**) 2 stars. 

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