Friday, April 17, 2015

The Selkie Bride by Melanie Jackson

The Selkie Bride by Melanie Jackson
Book Type: Romance Novel
Author: Melanie Jackson
Pages: 290

Recently widowed, Megan Culbin has inherited more than just a quaint cottage on the Scottish coast; she has inherited the ire of an ancient monster - and the protection of a virile Selkie warrior.

My Review:
So, where do I start with this book? The awkward writing, the dullness of the plot... this book was really torturous to finish.

Pathetic Main Character:
The story starts off slow, with the reader being introduced to Megan Culbin and how she is on her way to Scotland. She's broke, just escaped an abusive relationship and tells the reader that she isn't skilled or talented. Yay? 
I mean really, this is not a person I wanted to root for. I also found the language difficult and antiquated, almost awkward to read at times as well.
I also hated the relationship between Megan and Lachlan. Megan is pathetic and willing to do anything for Lachlan, though she barely knows him. Lachlan is very rough with her, and doesn't show her much compassion until the last page in the book! 

Boring Plot:
This book did not have an engaging plot at all. After 100 pages into the book, I was still waiting for something exciting to happen, but it really flat lined with no action or events to captivate the reader. When Lachlan and Megan finally encounter the finman, an ancient and evil creature, I didn't feel nervous for them. The battle just seemed too easy to win.

Overall, I was really disappointed with this plot, and it was agonizingly boring at times. I give this book (*) 1 star.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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