Thursday, September 4, 2014

(40) Mermaid Tales #2: Battle of the Best Friends by Debbie Dadey

Mermaid Tales #2: Battle of the Best Friends by Debbie DadeyBook Type: Novel
Author: Debbie Dadey
Pages: 112

Echo, Shelly Siren’s best friend, is doing tail flips because she’s going to see the hottest boy band around—The Rays! It’s her classmate Pearl’s birthday, and the Rays are going to perform at her exclusive party. Troublemaker Pearl has invited just about everyone—everyone, that is, except Shelly! Shelly urges Echo to go anyway, but Echo doesn’t want to leave her friend out of the exciting celebration…so Shelly hatches a plan to make sure Echo sees her favorite group. And when the Rays do come to town (amidst plenty of under-the-sea, boy band drama), Echo returns the favor so that Shelly is included in the festivities.

My Review:
After reading the last Mermaid Tales book, I wasn't too excited to continue the series. Unfortunately, this second book didn't capture my attention either. This series is a bit juvenile for older mermaids to enjoy, and I would say girls from only 5-10 will like it. There were only a few elements that I truly liked. It's pretty cute, and the drama reminds me of being in high school all over again, so Dadey replicated the scenes very well. I also liked that it shows that friendship and teamwork are above bullying.
Overall, I give this book (***) 3 stars for older mers, but younger girls, I would say its 4 stars.
-Sirenita the Selkie

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