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(38) Water Series: Book One Ascension by Kara Dalkey (39) Reunion

Ascension (Water, #1)Book Type: Novel
Author: Kara Dalkey
Pages: 235

Summary of Book One:
Nia, a young mermyd of the Bluefin clan, has had one wish all her life - to be Avatar in her beloved home of Atlantis. To be one of the ten Avatars that rule the undersea city is an honour and a great responsibility. Now at 16, Nia has a chance to see her dream come true .

This book. Wow. Where have you been all my life, Kara Dalkey?
You truly are an artist when it comes to writing! 

Atlantis In A Way You Wouldn't Imagine:
What immediately drew my attention was the setting. Although Dalkey writes that mermyds live in Atlantis, she created such a different world than what were used to when we think "Atlantis". 

Mermyds: A New Type Of Mermaid:
These mermyds live deep in the ocean, far away from greedy, barbaric humans. Nia is a character that I am still amazed with. Although she is kind of like royalty, she is still very down to earth, humble, sweet, loving, defiant and passionate about the good of her people. She is a character that mergirls to young mermaids will find intriguing, and might even relate to her. In addition to mermyds, there are also sea lion-selkie like creatures that live among Atlantis as well! Cool!

So Many Genres And Themes! :
This book also packs in so many different genres, but they all seamlessly blend together to create a perfect book. Some of the genres readers will include are dystopia-like settings, sci-fi, romance and fantasy. I think that covers everyone's interests! In addition to the many genres, this book also has common YA themes such as parent-child relationship issues, adoption, family deceit and drama, choosing family wealth and prestige or romance,  and corruption.

This book was absolutely a treat to read, and I definitely recommend checking out this series. Since I do have a few more weeks left before summer vacation is over (*sigh* :( ) I will try to squeeze in the last two books before school starts. Honestly mer-readers, I couldnt put this one down, and even though it is a bit over 200 pages, you will speed through it with ease! The end of this first book was so SHOCKING that I can't wait to pick up the next book! I give this book (*****) 5 stars!
-Sirenita The Selkie

Book 2: Reunion:
Post Update: (8-24-14):
Hi Mer-Readers!
This week, I just finished reading book 2 of the water series, Reunion.
W0w... I mean just wow again!

New Characters:
The character  that we are now introduced to is Corwin. What I love about this character is that he is so different from many of the male characters that are featured in YA literature. Usually we see Mr. Heartthrob who causes teenage drama. It's so different in this book. Corwin is a 16 year old pauper who is looking for work, money and food after his guardian recently dies. He's clumsy, skinny and not the best fighter, but he is cunning, smart, extremely clever, helpful and caring, which makes him an attractive character to readers... and Nia! :)

 The New Setting:
After what happened in the last book (which I wont give away), Nia is stuck on land in a strange, foreign place that was an afterthought to the mermyd people. I love the setting of this book! It takes place in England in the year 425, at the time of a king who is more like a dictator and is extremely superstitious. The land is full of strange people and tales, and it reminds me of times of castles and knights, which I found engaging to read.

Unfortunately, I can't give much away, but let's just say this is turning out to be an awesome mermaid series! Stay tuned for the final book! :)

Book 3: Transformation:
post update (10-19-14)

Recently, I finished the final book for the Water Series. Wow. I mean just wow. 

Did you ever get that horrible feeling of a bad break up? Lots of unanswered questions that leave you confused and heartbroken?

This is exactly what will happen if you read the end to this series.

I don't understand. How could such a wonderful series leave you with such a bad feeling?

Well, I'll tell you why. 

Nothing was explained at the end!!!

I cant give much away, since I might ruin the series, but I will have to use internet memes to convey the three emotions I felt at the end:

1) Sebastian from the Little Mermaid Jaw Dropping Shock

2)   What?? What? Seriously. WHAT?

3)  Anger, and Denial.

Unfortunately, because of the ending that left me, and other readers on Goodreads confused, I give this series (***) 3 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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