Sunday, June 8, 2014

(17) The Little Mermaid: Amazing Ariel in 3D by Andrea Posner Sanchez

The Little Mermaid: Amazing Ariel in 3D by Andrea Posner SanchezBook Type: Children's Literature
Author: Andrea Posner Sanchez
Pages: 16

Ariel swims, dives, and pops off the pages thanks to the included 3-D glasses. This 3-D storybook is available just in time for the Diamond Edition DVD and Blu-ray of The Little Mermaid, releasing in October 2013.

My Review:
As soon as I saw the cover of this book, I knew that it was going to have amazing illustrations, but was the 3D effect really going to work?
The Answer?
The 3D effect really works! It was so cool to read this while having the spectacular images jump off the pages. It was a new way to experience The Little Mermaid. The text was a bit juvenile, and the sentences were small and simple. This is a very simplified version of The Little Mermaid, and as far as the way the story is written, I would give it 2 stars. However, the 3D element really made the book unique and fun to read. I felt like I was on a mini version of a Disney attraction. This makes a great gift for anyone who loves Ariel or mermaids! I give this book (****) 4 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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