Friday, June 6, 2014

(16) Barbie Story Library: The Mermaid's Tail by Christian Musselman

Barbie Story Library: The Mermaid's Tail by Christian Musselman
Book type: Children's Literature
Author: Christian Musselman
Pages: 32

Marina discovers what life is like with legs instead of her tail.

My Review:
I found this book while shopping online for mermaid books, but I wanted something different and unique. The cover definitely lured me in, and the illustrations as well! They're vibrant, beautiful and fun, just like Barbie! Although this story is short, the way the story is written isn't juvenile, so older merfolk who love Barbie will enjoy this book. 

I loved Barbie's character, Marina. She is very curious about humans and even listens to tales from her grandmother. This book is very similar to the story of The Little Mermaid at first, not only because Marina is a curious young mermaid, but also because she gets a potion from a wizard to become human  until she gets her feet wet. I really loved this cute little Barbie book, especially the important lesson at the end: don't judge a person based on appearances (all the sea creatures feared humans, but Marina proved them wrong!) and don't always listen to those around you! Go explore the world and see for yourself! I give this book (*****) 5 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie

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