Monday, April 1, 2013

The Prince and The Mermaid by Ian Deuchar

** Finally! I am finally able to read mermaid books again! :) Between school and work its hard to read, but Im squeezing in time :) **

The Prince and The Mermaid by Ian Deuchar
Book Type: Children's Literature
Author: Ian Duechar
Pages: 32

In the first book he has both written and illustrated, artist Deuchar ( The Proverbial Mouse ; The Search for Spring ) presents a tale of enchantment and sadness. A retelling of a French folktale, the story involves a mermaid who becomes enamored by the sight of a prince; through "an ancient spell known only to mermaids" she turns into a beautiful woman--but only as long as her lover never knows her true form. The two marry and have a son, and all goes well, until a jealous woman enlists the aid of a witch to cast a spell of doubt over the prince. In time he follows the mermaid to the river where he sees her for the last time, as the spell and their hearts are broken. Deuchar's paintings masterfully convey the flavor of the period as well as the romance of the story. The accompanying text, which ends on a poignant note, provides a fresh and engaging rendering of the pain of a love unfortunately lost. Ages 4-8.
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

My Review:
I would like to say please excuse my absence from writing. I have been extremely busy and it totally sucked! Anyways, after a long time of not being able to read any mermaid books, this was definitely a beautiful story. It was actually very similar to the story of Melusine, which is a classic mermaid story that is one of my favorites! The language that Deuchar uses is both perfect for children to understand, and for adults to love. However, what I loved most about this book was the beautiful illustrations! They were very life like, and when the mermaid is in her mer-form, she is absolutely gorgeous. Overall, I really enjoyed this cute fairytale and mermaid lovers will as well. I give this book (*****) 5 stars.
-Sirenita The Selkie 
PS: stay tuned for reviews, and check out the new links, and merstuff I have gotten recently :)

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